50% of the total tribute has to be received UPON booking - this will be discussed.

If you cancel the session you will lose this 50% tribute.

If you need to reschedule this must be done prior to 72 hrs before the session is due to take place. Outside of this you will lose the 50% tribute

This is non-negotiable.

If you do not follow the instructions given you risk losing this also.
If you send part of the 50% this will not count and you will need to send an entirely new amount. If you are unable to afford the full 50% do not apply until you can.

torture Chamber Session

250 1 hr

350 1.5 hrs*

500 2 hrs

750 3 hrs

1000 4 hrs

* Special rate as this is the minimum I would recommend for a session length especially an introductory session

Chastity keyholding:

This is calculated depending on how long you desire to be in chastity for Me

ie if showers need to be accommodated during/ if you want to simply exchange the keys or be locked in person in My studio/ if you would like a full session prior to locking etc. Contact for pricing and give an idea of how long you wish to be locked.

Ignored caging/ Bondage sessions:

3 hours - 330 | 6 hours - 550 | 9 hours- 770

Overnight sessions, 24 hr + sessions are available also - contact for more info.