As i write this my bottom is feeling a little sore- it feels as though i have been through a work out or a particularly tough run and my nipples are feeling quite sensitive still!

i contacted Mistress Kimberly for an extended domestic servitude/ house slave session and because i wanted to work on my pain tolerance and have that pushed. i am a bit of a wimp to put it mildly, but my goal is to become a more well rounded submissive/ slave and was looking for a Mistress to train me to Her standard.

Mistress Kimberly gave me various tasks to complete for the service portion of the session which i thoroughly enjoyed, as a service submissive i really enjoy being given clear tasks to complete and in turn giving my Mistress time to focus on more important activities. i find it cathartic. i found myself completely in my element during this. i was chained up the entire time; the noise of the chains dragging across the floor etc as i was getting on with my tasks made me feel rather anxious however after realising Mistress enjoys the sound of the chains i soon relaxed into them and now find myself yearning for Her chains.

i completed all my tasks and gave Mistress a foot rub while she relaxed and gave Her feedback, which was generally of praise… except for my lack of attention to detail in some areas. This also gave me a chance to communicate a little with Mistress about how i had found each task.

After the foot rub Mistress brought me to Her dungeon and began to have Her fun with me. i wished to work on my pain tolerance and Mistress certainly did that. There were times during the dungeon portion of the session where i felt challenged - when She had me chained up to her ceiling i felt rather exposed and frightened, listening for Her footsteps on the floor to prepare myself for the next hit of her loop strap. i felt completely under Her control. The added element of sensory deprivation the hood gave me was incredibly exciting, i absolutely loved that hood.

It is the image of me chained to the ceiling, hooded plugged, clamped, pegged – that is the image that has stuck with me, the feeling of that strap and the challenge it presented me – i began to yearn for more of it, the pain was a challenge at times but i learnt to let it flow through my body instead of focusing on one specific area.

After being chained to the ceiling i was then chained to the bondage bed and Mistress experimented with some electrics. i made a lot of noise during this portion of the session, my nipples were quite sore from the clamps so when the violet wand was used in conjunction i was rather sensitive to that. However i did become conscious halfway through that the pain wasn’t that significant and i was moaning for no reason. i felt a little embarrassed by that, however Mistress assured me that She enjoyed the noise. If given the chance again i would want to push myself further for Her and endure more both from the electrics and the loop strap. Perhaps the ball crusher will go on next time!

i am very grateful to Mistress Kimberly for allowing me the opportunity to serve and to endure pain for Her and look forward to the next occasion and working more on my pain tolerance, should i be lucky enough.

I couldn't recommend Mistress Kimberly any higher. She always provides a very well thought out and detailed scene that suits my comfort level perfectly.

She is excellent at reading a person's anxiety levels and reacting accordingly to get you in the right headspace and ready for whatever she's drummed up. She is both extremely imaginative whilst also managing to have a great technical knowledge of all things BDSM. I am always very pleasantly surprised by her ability to both calm me down and stress me out in equal measure all while managing to keep her own composure.

Mistress wields her sadism like a finely tuned instrument and she has mastered it wonderfully

Firstly thank you so much, I have been on cloud 9 since our session, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

You are very professional, you made me feel at ease straight away and the aftercare was fantastic, helping bring me down to the real world.

The facilities are great, easy to find, very well equipped and also a very good choice of music!

During the session, you were so naturally dominant not once did it Feel like you were acting.

the whole session was well thought out but flexible enough to make it flow very well. Thank you for all the effort you put into the socks, Never seen that before but really enjoyed it!

The sock and foot worship bit was absolutely unreal! Thanks for having colourful ones too!

I hope I behaved the way you expect your subs, I promise not to arrive early ever again.

Once again thank you so much, can't wait until our next session!

Your dominance and control of the session was amazing.

Right from start to finish - correcting me on the way in to giving me a firm no with a look of disgust at the end when I was looking to remove my cage. You constantly corrected me, eye contact etc. (I know I will have to improve or I will be punished the next time!) and you have a great ability to make me feel you are in charge at all times, even just by working the noise of boots on the floor.

The way you delivered the food play was so firm and humiliating. I look forward to developing that further in future sessions.

Sensory hood was not something that I had considered before but it was amazing being exposed at your mercy. The nipple torture was hard, just as I wanted, as I wished to suffer for you. Being brought to a stage of begging or pleading without you stopping.

You looked out to make sure I was ok throughout which was appreciated.

All in all, I thought you were fantastic. Hard to believe it was a first session. I hope to serve you again.

what can I say about my meeting with Miss Kimberly Crimson?

from the moment I walked through her door I felt at ease and to be in the presence of a Mistress of Her beauty is something one can only dream of.

Mistress is extremely knowledgeable and helped guide me in different parts of my submissive journey.

it was an absolute pleasure to serve and I will definitely be back

Firstly I had a great time in my session with Mistress Kimberly. It was a great first time serving Her.

I really enjoyed all of the training and being put in Her cage. I thought the level of pain was just right, I maybe could have taken more.

I'd absolutely love to serve Her Again.

I had my first ever session with Mistress Kimberly and it was absolutely incredible, I was extremely nervous going to the session given the distance and bad experiences in the past. But as soon as she opened the door she made me feel so welcome and I was able to relax into it. she is very friendly and charming.

She was absolutely amazing, I was totally taken aback by how planned out her session was. From learning different basic positions and commands plus trying new things I would not have tried before. She also checked with me to make sure I was OK and enjoying myself so I felt totally at ease and in safe hands the entire time.

The only hard part was knowing what I wanted to try and given how nervous I was hopefully a second visit will fix that.

You can tell when you are in session with her that she really enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is totally infectious.

Mistress took control and dominated me right from the moment I arrived, which was amazing. She is so creative and has a cruel streak!

There was good communication pre-session including understanding my limits, which were totally respected during the session.

Mistress has this ability to read the situation, She knew exactly how far to push Me. Even on my first session.

The real deal.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced BDSM practitioner, if you're seeking a Mistress to serve, look no further than Mistress Kimberly Crimson.

Following the booking instructions and the process of arranging a session is seamless. Mistress Kimberly operates from a discreet location, with plenty of parking available and has an extremely well equipped dungeon. I was genuinely surprised by the quality of it when she brought me in.

As you'll gather from her website, Mistress Kimberly takes a high protocol approach and you know immediately who's in charge from the second you set foot on her premises. That being said, she is very approachable and quite easy to talk to.

I wasn't aware of all of the slave positions and was very nervous, to be honest; however, Mistress Kimberly was very patient and took time to teach me specific positions and gently guide me into complete submission. By the end of the session, I was putty in her hands.

I look forward to kneeling at her feet again

You won't be disappointed if you choose to serve this wonderful Domme.

I have had the pleasure of serving Mistress Kimberly a handful of times now, and each time I ended up leaving with a smile on my face.

In the lead-up to our first session Mistress gave me a task of forwarding to her 3 dream bondage scenarios. I remember outlining my predisposition to restraints and sensory play.

When the day of the session arrived, I remember arriving at the location of the dungeon and being quite nervous, so much so that I forgot the protocol that Mistress had in place for welcoming her. After swiftly reminding me we proceeded into the dungeon and after a brief chat the session began. The exact details of the session are a little hazy now, but I do remember the thrilling sense of helplessness and anticipation as I was rendered immobile by the chains that Mistress had me secured in. My sense of sight was taken from me by placing me in a hood. and exposing me to some electro-play when I would expect it least to keep me on my toes (at times quite literally).

It is clear to see that Mistress Kimberly is very passionate about each of the sessions she conducts and has a great eye for the limits of a submissive/slave as I've never felt like I was pushed too far in any of our sessions. She is a highly skilled professional Mistress who can cater to any level of submissive/slave, be that a beginner or a seasoned vet.

If you're ready to give up all control and in search of a unique experience, then I can't recommend Mistress Kimberly Crimson enough!

Mistress Kimberly was brilliant from the start. As a beginner she put me at ease straight away whilst letting me know she was in charge. Mistress Kimberly is beautiful and a natural dominant with a very well equipped dungeon.

The session itself was brilliant from a beginner’s perspective, covering multiple fetishes which allowed me to gain experience into my BDSM journey and My submission.

Mistress was easy to talk to and ensured that we were both enjoying ourselves. She was understanding when I was unable to perform a few positions due to a health condition and we made it work.

Thank you again mistress for a great session. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to BDSM.

Serving Mistress Kimberly was definitely an experience I have been waiting for ever since I became interested in BDSM!

Mistress Kimberly was extremely patient with me and understood that with it being my first time I Needed more guidance, we tried things and she easily figured out what I liked and what was maybe just too far for me - at the minute.

Being dominated by Mistress Kimberly was amazing, I will definitely be back.

A Sunday Evening with Mistress Kimberly

Even though I have had the pleasure of visiting many Mistresses across Europe I was unsure and a bit apprehensive of what to expect from Mistress Kimberly. On arrival I was greeted at the door ordered to my hands and knees and within minutes I was sure of who was in total control of my body. Her dominance and control over me were undeniable. I was pushed to my limit on several occasions and under her spell we went beyond.

If you want a hard, tough, strict Mistress look no further.

Thank you Mistress Kimberly for the experience.