A slave is an owned submissive. Collared, claimed. They are the property of their Mistress and Hers to do what She wishes with. Mistress/ slave dynamics are way deeper for Me than a normal D/s dynamic.

My slave is Mine.

There is no need for safe words. For Me this means I work with My slave. I learn them as much as they learn Me.

These dynamics work best with a Mistress and a slave who have basically the same kinks but in reverse. Opposites attract. They can work with Mistresses and slaves who do not have exactly the same kinks but share enough in common to satisfy, however the more in common the better. Communication is vital in these dynamics.

I know what I am looking for in a slave. I don't own things for the sake of it. A slave isn't casual. A slave isn't something that starts and stops. It is a commitment to serve. A lot of it also quite vanilla and regular but underneath it all is a deep dynamic.

Chemistry is important.

I get a lot of subs and switches who know Me (and even those who don't) in person casually offering to be My slave. For a start unless we have hit it off when we met and I had an interest in you, this comes across like you just want freebies. At least tribute for a session to prove yourself, there are no liberties here, if I wanted to offer you a freebie, as a Mistress I would have no issue doing so but you have to interest Me. This is especially true when you have little to no experience in real submission or even exploring your masochism on any level. A lot of you don't own hoods, you don't practice chastity, you don't have cages, or any gear, it just comes across as a lack of interest. There is a difference between serving Me and serving yourself. I can also tell when you are shaping yourself to suit Me and not when you genuinely have a passion for these things yourself. Passion hits differently.

I happen to have an interest in content creation very obviously. I like to share what I do. I am an artist. A slave isn't going to be adverse to this either. A slave will also not have another partner. I have tried this, it doesn't work.

I feel like My main interests come across well. Total Power Exchange. Respect. Bondage. Torture. Predicament. Pain. Obedience. Chastity.

Unless you are actually interested in these things yourself there is literally no point in asking Me about being a slave.

Yes. This did require a blog post.