Further information

Once you have sent off your contact form I will reply via email - allow up to 5 working days for this - if you have not got a reply Check your spam folder First then send another form - make sure the screen telling you to wait shows, this way you know the form has sent properly.

Upon booking 50% of the tribute is required, you must be prepared to send this when making contact.

I also send out a protocol guide for new subs/ slaves.

Basic protocol includes shaving/ trimming genitals - this is non-negotiable.

You will address Me as Miss or Mistress in all correspondence.

You will get bonus points for having good etiquette. Etiquette is very important to Me.

Arrive to the session on time. If you are going to be late let Me know and do not expect to serve for the full session length in that instance or perhaps not at all in some circumstances.

do not turn up early, wait.

Do not show up under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Although M/s is my preference for a dynamic this is something that must be built up in sessions and is not attainable in the first session so be aware of this, there will be safe words outlined in My session protocol documents these will always be respected in my sessions as will your hard limits.

Any aftercare that is necessary will be provided within reason. I do like receiving feedback and testimonials about my sessions this helps me gain useful insights and helps me get to know you for any future sessions.

If you would like to put a smile on my face from afar or make a good first impression you may gift something special from my wishlisT - https://www.luxylist.it/mistresskimberlycrimson.

I really appreciate all the lovely gifts I receive big or small, even small gestures are more than appreciated because it is the thought that counts.

I love high quality fetish wear, latex, PVC, leather and heels. also high quality fetish gear and whips/ other instruments of displeasure...

Most of my fetish wear has to be made to measure because I am petite, I have a measurement guide available if you wish to get me something mas a surprise gift.

I am generally a size 6-8 UK, A 4 in leather skirts/jackets. I wear a size 32B bra. I am 5'1 tall and generally size 3/4 heels will fit me... but my measurement guide has more detailed measurements.

I also accept and welcome donations to women's aid or other smaller/ local charities that support women on my behalf. I am a lover of animals so any donations to local animal charities are also most welcome!

Session Information




I have a low tolerance for timewasters. Timewasters will be added to a blacklist. Examples of timewasting behaviour include:

sending an application form and not replying after contact is made with you. I will allow up to 5 working days for an initial reply.

Disappearing after I make contact with you, if you change your mind it is common decency to explain this in a message, if you explain this you will not be added to the blacklist if you should decide to change your mind in future.

Not Being prepared to send deposit at the point of contact/ booking.

Asking a lot of questions I am happy to answer reasonable questions if the information is not ALREADY available on my site. if you want to get to know me more BEFORE BOOKING go check out my other socials and My testimonials.

Disrespectful behaviour -

if you can't show basic respect of me, my role or my time I will not take you seriously. Simple!

Not showing up for a session. Showing up drunk or under the influence of drugs - I will not session with those who are under the influence.

putting on an application form that you haven't got the money to afford a session or asking for a half hr session in my dungeon... This is not a charity.

Ignoring the fact that I clearly state I do not take same day sessions and asking for one.


50% has to be received before booking. If the date no longer suits let Me know and if it is within 72 hours we can reschedule. outside of this you will lose the 50%. This is non-negotiable.

Min session = 1 hr See tributes page for further info

Ignored caging sessions

Lower tributes for longer sessions. Caging sessions may include elements such as sensory deprivation, additional bondage elements etc, Otherwise you will be left, stored away and ignored, longer Sessions available at lower rates.

chastity Keyholding

Contact for further information

Other Sessions

Longer sessions are available to returning subs/slaves who have served before.

London and other locations :

Send an application through if you are interested. I organise tours based off the level of interest and will always require an application to consider you for a session regardless.


If you wish to serve me but cannot travel to me this is classed as an outcall - outcalls will be tributed accordingly.