Approaching a Mistress: A Guide for Submissives

Approaching a Mistress: A Guide for submissives

It is crucial when you approach a Mistress to demonstrate to Her that you understand and respect Her.

In this guide, we will explore the crucial first steps you should take when approaching Her.

1. Show Respect at All Times

It is essential to acknowledge that She is above you. Communicate in a way that reflects this understanding and respects it. Address Her only using Her preferred titles and use them frequently. By doing so, you demonstrate your acknowledgment of Her authority and your willingness to submit.

2. Express Gratitude for Her Time and Attention

When She takes the time to read and respond to you She is taking time out of Her date and energy to do this, it is important to show appreciation for this. Recognise that Her time is valuable and that She did not have to reply. Thank Her sincerely for considering your application. By expressing gratitude, you demonstrate your understanding of her generosity and willingness to engage with you.

3. Focus on Her Needs and Desires

Ask yourself - what you can do to improve Her life? How will I best serve Her?

It is crucial to centre your attention on your Mistress's wants, desires, and wishes. Avoid delving into explicit details - unless specifically asked. She should not feel like She is part of your fantasy or reading your wet dream when reading information about your kinks or fantasies on an application form or in normal life. Instead, focus on understanding Her expectations and boundaries and ask yourself what can I do to serve Her desires? What can I do to make Her life better? Sell yourself to Her. This approach demonstrates your commitment to prioritising Her pleasure and satisfaction above your own. Yes information that is important in order to plan or accept an application is necessary and She will think of you when planning it, however if you approach in a way that tells Her "all I care about is my c*ck," it is not going to be taken positively. She doesn't care. She isn't a kink dispenser or porn. Do give Her details on your kinks and do give important information, for example medical information, information that is useful, clear hard limits and soft limits. Example of this - i can wear this for this long, i can withstand this position for this long, when i have been in this position before this has happened and so on.

Remember, Her satisfaction is paramount, and your role is to fulfil Her desires. By approaching Her with humility, gratitude, and respect, you lay the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling dynamic.