your new obsession

***Note there will be no sexual contact with Me or fluid exchange during my sessions***

My name is Mistress Kimberly Crimson. I am a Northern Irish Goddess, so what are you waiting for?! Get on your knees and beg to serve.

I am a petite and playful sadist... a devil in disguise. I love to have fun so I will most certainly enjoy toying with you.

BDSM is a passion that courses through My veins. I live this lifestyle 24/7 and I love it.
your submission and devotion to Me ignites that passion.

My journey into the world and art of female domination began well over a decade ago with the purchase of My first bullwhip, since then I have indulged in many different fetishes, but my affection for bullwhips remains unparalleled.

While I embrace a playful demeanour, I uphold strict standards and high expectations of My submissives. I favour Total Power Exchange and M/s style dynamics with a medium to high level of protocol, for me there is no deeper connection and trust that develops than that which develops during Total Power Exchange and M/s. I love being served in this manner.

I will say However that these dynamics take time and this does not mean that when you come to session with me there will be no safe words used. I always have safe words in place for you and I actively encourage you to use them if needed. I also actively encourage communication both before (during the application process) and after each session as this is beneficial to future sessions and the development of the dynamic. Think of My studio as a safe space where you can explore and express the submissive side of you without fear of judgement.

that being said Remember, your role is to serve Me.

You exist only as My fantasy, My toy, My plaything and My muse when you serve—not the other way around.

I expect all of My submissives to demonstrate the appropriate respect and etiquette towards Me from the beginning of the application process to the minute they leave my studio and in every interaction they have with me going forward. you will only address Me as Mistress as that is my chosen honorific.

As well as my love of bullwhips I do have a particular taste for watching my toys struggle in strict bondage, predicaments, hoods, gags corsets and chains. I love having my feet and heels worshipped. I also thoroughly enjoy chastity training and orgasm control. Anything metal or shiny will 100% put a smile on my face, especially black latex. But mostly I love control, I am a professional control freak for a reason.

my favourite fetishes

  • Total Power Exchange - M/s dynamics

  • Bondage - the stricter the better

  • Encasement

  • Impact

  • Whips/ bullwhips

  • Protocol / etiquette

  • slave training

  • Obedient bitches

  • Boot/ foot worship

  • Rubber/ latex

  • Cock and Ball Torture

  • Orgasm control / denial

  • Chastity keyholding

  • Nipple torture

  • Electrostimulation

  • Objectification

  • Humiliation

  • Breath play

  • Sensation play

  • Sensory deprivation

  • Anal training

  • Domestic servitude

  • Feminisation

  • Encouraged bi

  • mind fucks

  • ethical Financial domination

Note there are many other aspects of female domination that aren't listed and may have been forgotten from the list. free to include others or enquire about others when applying and I will let you know,

my hard limits

scat/ hard sports - (Coprophilia), vomit play - (Emetophilia), age play - adult baby/ diaper (paraphilic infantilism), Animals - (bestiality), race play/ humiliation. Sexual contact or fluid exchange with me. I do not session naked or even semi naked but I do practice CFNM. I do not session with those under the influence of any alcohol or other non-prescribed medications if you turn up under the influence of anything I will refuse to session.

Follow/ subscribe to My social pages found below. I upload pictures and videos from sessions in various places but the more exclusive clips from behind My scenes can be found on My Fansly page.